Ethics Committee Approval Report - Legal/Special Permission Report

Ethics Committee Approval Report

In accordance with ethical guidelines, authors who conduct research that necessitates ethics committee approval are obliged to submit the relevant ethics committee approval report alongside their manuscript at the time of submission. Explicit mention of this approval must be included in the article. Manuscripts that lack the necessary ethical documentation are subject to immediate rejection at any stage of the editorial review process by the overseeing editor or the chief editor. For research articles involving either human or animal subjects, authors are required to notify the chief editor and submit evidence verifying compliance with all legal and ethical obligations. In the case of studies involving human participants, strict adherence to the World Medical Association’s Code of Ethics, as outlined in the Helsinki Declaration, is mandatory. The manuscript must unequivocally state that the rights and dignity of the involved subjects have been upheld. Authors are mandated to keep all relevant ethical documentation indefinitely and must be prepared to provide these documents to the chief editor upon request.

Legal/Special Permission Report

Authors must obtain and provide all necessary legal and special permissions required for the content used in their manuscript. Documentation of such permissions should be submitted along with the manuscript at the time of initial submission. Failure to comply may result in the withdrawal of the manuscript from the publication process.